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Pregnancy Spells

Pregnancy Spells

So the excitement of getting marries has now subsided and the honeymoon is over and you have now decided that you are going to put together a family. This could be an exciting time until you realize that getting pregnant is much more difficult than you originally thought. Not knowing what to do in such a situation can be both scary and frustrating but that doesn't have to be the case for you if you take advantage of pregnancy spells.

Pregnancy spell chant

Before I even go on to talk about how you can use pregnancy spells and how they are likely to help you, let’s start by looking at what pregnancy spells are. Pregnancy spells are a form of magic which you can use to get pregnant. These spells can involve chants alone or sometimes they can involve ingredients.

Easy pregnancy spells

Even though falling pregnant may be a challenge, for now, this does not mean that this will have to be the case with the spells. I say this because I know many people who believe that the use of the word simple in such spells means that they are not effective. There is nothing further from the truth; it simply means that such spells are easy to cast.

Voodoo spells to get pregnant

Every time I discuss different types of spells I always want to start by discussing whether Voodoo makes good spells. I do so because I often have to deal with the misconception that everything to do with Voodoo is bad. People who believe this comes from a space where they believe that all things that involve black magic are evil.

Fertility spell for someone else

But can I actually cast a fertility spell for someone else? The truth is that this is possible. However, I want to give you one warning if you are ever going to cast a spell on behalf of someone else; always ensure that the person for who you are casting the spell agrees with this. If you do not get their buy-in, the spell will not work because spells actually depend on the belief of the person for whom they are being cast.

Fertility spells with candles

There is one thing I always advise when it comes to casting spells; never cast one without first agreeing with your partner. Remember that you are going to need the support of your partner once you become pregnant. Not only that, but you will also need your partner to support you once the child has been born.

Simple fertility spells

I know I have said that pregnancy spells can be simple but I am not suggesting that you should use the spells to force someone into a relationship they do not want to be in. I know some women who think that the easiest way to get a man to marry them is to force them into marriage by becoming pregnant. A man can still dump you even if you are pregnant and leave you to look after a child on your own.

Pregnancy spells that really work

Many people come to me telling me that they are looking for pregnancy spells that really work. I understand why people want to emphasize this because no one would want to waste their time with something that actually doesn’t. However, in order for a spell to work, you too also have to work.

Pregnancy protection spell

What do I mean that you also have to perform your duty? Let’s say that you want to cast a pregnancy protection spell, you can’t just throw the whole process to someone else and expect that things will happen on their own. You have to be an active participant and do things exactly like the person who is helping you cast the spells says.

Spell to change your age

It doesn't look like it's ever possible to write an article about spells and not end with people asking whether I can help them with spells to help them change their age. Of course, I can. Spells can do almost anything as long as you are prepared to do anything to make sure they do.

Wiccan blessing for the unborn baby

Some people also come to say that they are looking for spells but they do not want those linked to black magic. We do not judge so we will assist you to identify spells such as Wiccan blessing for an unborn baby.

Pagan prayer for an unborn child

You may also decide to do a pagan prayer for an unborn baby, as a form of casting a spell to protect the baby from the bad things that could happen to them once they are born. Remember that the reason why you may not be getting pregnant may have to do with the fact that someone has cast a spell to make things this way. They may also harm the child when it is born.

The magic spell to turn into a baby

Have you ever used magic spells to do something crazy? Well, I have heard people saying they have used a magic spell to turn into a baby. If you have ever done that, we would want to hear all about it. Remember also that if you have questions for us, we will be happy to answer them. 

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