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Spell to destroy someone

Spell To Destroy Someone

While some people deserve to be killed once and for all, I always say that you must give someone a chance to repent of the bad things they are doing. If you don't have the courage to tell them to their face that they must stop, you can always give them the hints to show that you know they are trying to harm you. If they don't take heed of your warnings, then you can go all out.

Spells to curse an enemy

If you feel that someone is cursing you, there is no other solution to the problem other than returning fire with fire. There is no time for playing nice if someone wants to harm you. You should find spells to curse someone and curse them to a life of suffering and poverty. That will teach them not to do bad things to others.  

How to curse someone who broke your heart

If someone has broken your heart, they also deserve to have their own heart broken, and there is no better way to do this than learning how to curse someone who broke your heart. If you want to do this, I always advise that you should use the services of an experienced spell caster because if this is not done correctly, the results could be regrettable.  

Spell to make someone lose their job

Now, there is no better punishment for anyone than making them lose their job. When they lose their job, they will not have the money to run around trying to get others into trouble. Sitting at home, doing nothing and hungry will teach the lousy person a good lesson. The next time they will get their job back, they will know to behave themselves.

Lemon spell to keep someone away

Sometimes all you need is a lemon spell to keep someone away. This type of spell is a simple one which really does not harm anyone. All that this spell will do is make the person that you don’t want in your life to forget about you and never worry you again.  

Spell to make an enemy move away

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